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Snicklefritz is our Star of the Day

Isn’t Snicklefritz the best name?!? His family sent us this picture and tells us he is not much of a cuddler, but does love his belly rubbed. 😹

Happy Healthy Cat Month

Sunny is our Happy Healthy Cat Month Star of the Day! 🐱🐾

Mya and her pigtails!

We were head over heels in love with Mya and her pigtails!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! Do you have have a beautiful black cat?

Jack Russell Terrier

This little Jack Russell Terrier is named Coral 💕 Isn’t she sweet?

BIG CATS like boxes too!

Tigers, Lions & Leopards love boxes too! Just like domestic cats!

Happy First Day of Summer!

from your friends at East Oak Veterinary Hospital.

National Best Friends Day!

It’s National Best Friends Day! Is your pet your best friend? Are your pets besties?
We love seeing your photos, so post you your best buddy pictures in the comments and make our day.

Have you ever seen a skink?

Have you ever seen a skink? We got to meet an African Fire Skink named Rocco this week!

First Poultry Patient

We had our first poultry patient yesterday. It looks like Dr. Van Kooy and Winifred really hit it off!

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